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"One of the more promising products, being developed by Composite Building Structures, Ltd., Fort Myers, is a high-tech fiberglass composite that can be used to make the frame and shell of a house."

Wall Street Journal - Marketplace Section - 11/23/05  (See Article)



Fiberglass Reinforced Basements, Crawl Spaces, and Above Ground Flood/Surge Walls


Watertight basements and Crawl spaces are now available from Composite Building Structures, Ltd. (CBS). The CBS below grade foundations are custom factory built panels that are set on cast footings poured by others. An entire 2,000 square foot basement can be completely finished in less than 4 hours. CBS assembles the 6 inch thick panels up to 40 feet long which contain windows or egress points, electric wire channels, insulation and exterior waterproofing. The structure has a fiberglass skeleton of 2x6 studs that enable others to easily finish the basement interior without having to add furring strips.


These panels are uniquely constructed and are much stronger than all other types of basements or crawl spaces. Their construction is made from Fiberglass H-columns on 24 inch centers capable of supporting all the floors above. Between the H-columns are shear walls made of Magnesium Oxide board (MgO). MgO boards are very strong, tough, fireproof, and contribute to supporting the loads of the building. These MgO boards are fitted behind the flanges of the H-columns acting as shear walls that are in-line and inside the wall. These are referred to as double in-line shear walls as shown in these photos. The exterior of the panels is covered with a high pressure laminate that is impervious to water and termites. The laminate is 1/16 inch thick and glued to the exterior sealing the wall and keeping it sealed and dry.


Each 2x6 fiberglass composite is optimized for construction and supports 6 times the weight that a 2x6 wood stud will support. The MgO board adds another 850 pounds of support per square inch of edge. Filling the cavity with sand, composite fill, or concrete further increases the bearing capability. Filling the cavity with sand under high load zones along the support walls is an alternative to insulation fill. The MgO boards are also pressure resistant and have passed the Miami-Dade hurricane impact tests.


When structures are to be elevated on pilings, again the unique features of CBS walls provide an alternative with both strength and affordability. Instead of buying and installing concrete columns, or constructing with rebar pouring support pilings, there is a different superior support option. The alternative is to use a 16-inch, or 24-inch x 6-inch free standing wall section that has been filled with concrete. This provides a support with a standard 5-1/2 inches thickness that trims out to a standard 2x6 wall. The cross bracing that is often required when using pillars is no longer needed because of the CBS double in-line shear wall construction. Using CBS engineered piling panels at 2-feet wide fits under the continuous load paths from CBS framing above. 16-inch wide pillars can be used under wood walls above.


The hollow cavities in basement and craw space walls are filled with sand when the space is not to be occupied or a part of the enclosed heating & cooling system such as a crawl space; or it is filled with insulation if it is to be occupied and designed as part of the inside living space. This construction can accommodate either the insulation or dense mass preferences for construction. The insulation can be fiberglass, poured in cellulose insulation, expanded polystyrene (EPS), or a foamed in insulation. The closed-cell foamed in insulation adds an extra barrier to water and insects forming an adhesively bonded monolithic seal adding a second layer of protection to the entire structure. In addition to the perimeter, these walls can also be constructed under the supporting walls as shown in these drawings.


Another feature of CBS’s Egis™ composite studs is that they are manufactured in a continuous process and can be precision cut to any length. For the first time, buildings with 2, 3, or more levels with a basement can be constructed with full length studs. Each stud can be cut to 40 feet or longer to support all the building’s floors and roof and be anchored in the basement, crawl space, or in-ground. This is the ultimate in continuous load path construction and is not achievable or affordable using any other building method. Floors are attached to walls using standard ledger board or joist hanger attachments that are in common use.


CBS also manufactures joists and a system of floor construction utilizing the engineering properties of optimized fiberglass composite technology. Longer spans, lighter weight, more easily finished floor systems can be designed for lower cost, higher strength, and with benefits similar to the wall and roof systems CBS has created.


CBS additionally manufactures composite roof panels that are completely assembled in the factory, hoisted into position with a crane on site, and secured. Once secured, no person will have to go up on the roof again, as the insulated roof panel will be completely finished when it is secured.


Composites are stronger than steel and lighter than wood and fit seamlessly in the building and construction industries. No other building material has the combined performance characteristics of Egis™ construction-optimized composites. Destined to become the support material of choice – worldwide CBS fiberglass composites fill an expanding need and lead the new generation of materials available to architects and designers working to promote spaces – beyond GREEN. Watch composites grow in popularity!

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