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SBIC Selects New Board of Directors -- Tuesday, February 28, 2006


(February 28, 2006) The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) is pleased to announce the election of its new Board of Directors for the 2005–06 term. The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) is pleased to announce the election of its new Board of Directors for the 2005–06 term. The following members have been elected to a three year term: Gregg Ander, Chief Architect for the Southern California Edison Company (www.sce.com); James Antonic, President & CEO for Composite Building Structures Ltd., & CBS Homes Florida LLC (http://www.CBS-Homes.com); Jared Blum, President of the Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association (PIMA); Leon Chatelain, President of Chatelain Architects (www.chatelainarchitects.com); Deane Evans, Executive Director of the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Center for Architecture and Building Science Research (www.njit.edu); Joyce Lee, Chief Architect, Office of the Mayor, NYC Office of Management and Budget, representing the American Institute of Architects (www.aia.org); Tom Newton, Manager of Advertising and Promotions for the CertainTeed Corporation; and Maria Viteri, National Director of Program Development for the International Masonry Institute (www.imiweb.org).

“SBIC’s ‘whole building’ message is gathering more steam than ever. With exorbitant energy prices, durability, quality, and security issues facing the building and home owners, our research, training, resources and advocacy efforts are timely and relevant”, said Helen English, Executive Director of the Council. “We anticipate these new Directors will add important new perspective and will work well with our existing Directors.”

Each year 1/3 of the Directors terms expire.

Gregg D. Ander, FAIA is the Chief Architect and Manager of Southern California Edison’s Design & Engineering Services. He is the author of over 65 technical and design related articles, was the executive producer of four "Environmental Showcase" television programs for NBC, and is the author of the design handbook “Daylighting Performance and Design.”

James Antonic’s background includes 26 years as President of an outsource company that set up market penetration strategies for over 50 American manufacturing companies and several foreign manufacturing companies in a variety of industries and hands-on implementations of those strategies until profitability. His current focus with Composite Building Structures is to set-up manufacturing plants throughout the Southern states to build and erect the support shells of buildings as a supplier to any builder’s design or size of building.

Jared Blum is President of the Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association (PIMA), the Washington based national trade association representing the manufacturers of polyurethane/polyisocyanurate foam insulation. During his tenure, PIMA has doubled its budget, developed award-winning governmental affairs and technical educational programs, and has become a nationally recognized leader on such critical issues as construction energy efficiency, and atmospheric environmental initiatives. On behalf of PIMA, a two-time Environmental Protection Agency award recipient, Jared has been consulted by national media, government, industry and academia regarding construction safety and environmental issues. PIMA has led the industry through domestic and international environmental challenges, such as CFC/HCFC replacement in polyiso products, and has overseen major growth in the use of polyiso products in construction.

Leon Chatelain, III, AIA, LEED AP, is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and is the second generation Principal of Chatelain Architects, located in Washington, D.C. Leon has always been dedicated to improving the quality of life. He has held many leadership positions with prestigious organizations, including the Washington Chapter of the AIA, National Easter Seals Society, and Columbia Hospital for Women Foundation. In his 30 years of experience, he has designed projects around the world, including both private and public education facilities, institutional ad governmental buildings, and residential projects. Leon has received design awards from the American Institute of Architects Washington Chapter, American Association of School Administrators, Pre-cast Concrete Institute, Masonry Institute, Classical Architecture League, and others. His work provides buildings that are healthy, efficient, and appeal to our basic human needs.

Deane Evans, FAIA, has spent the bulk of his 20-year career focused on creating, promoting, and disseminating practical information and guidelines designed to enhance the quality of buildings and communities nationwide. He is currently the Executive Director of the Center for Architecture and Building Science Research (CABSR) at NJIT. He wrote the High Performance School Buildings Resource and Strategy Guide and moderated a series of two-day workshops on procuring high performance schools in California, both under the auspices of the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council. From 1995-97 he was the American Institute of Architects’ Vice President of Research and earlier, for five years, was Director of the Council on Architectural Research jointly sponsored by the AIA and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

Joyce Lee, AIA, is the Chief Architect at the New York City Office of Management and Budget (OMB). In the City Chartered Asset Management Program, she oversees the effort of consultants and in-house staff in the survey assessment of major public buildings, including libraries, schools, courthouses, police precincts, firehouses, hospitals, health centers, and museums as well as waterfront facilities . In her capacity at OMB, Joyce also serves on the mayor’s sustainability task force. With a focus towards design and construction excellence, she collaborates with public and private institutions, and other experts to broaden educational opportunities as well as to address financial issues in sustainable development. She is both a US Green Building Council member and a LEED accredited professional. Joyce founded the Committee on the Environment at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) New York Chapter. She then served as the Chair of the national AIA Committee on the Environment and is currently on the executive committee of the Urban Land Institute New York District Council. Joyce received her master of architecture and master of real estate development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is the recipient of several professional awards including the President’s Award on professional contribution from the AIA New York State.

Tom Newton is the Manager of Advertising and Promotions for the CertainTeed Corporation. Tom has been involved with energy conservation and insulation since 1974. When the Energy Crisis of the mid-70s hit, Tom spent a lot of his time informing homeowners how they can save energy and reduce their heating and cooling bills by adding insulation to their homes and undertaking other energy-saving projects. Tom have written numerous articles and brochures on the subject and appeared on cable TV programs explaining the benefits of an energy-efficient home. He has also been interviewed on radio home improvement shows and appeared in newspaper articles.

In addition to working for a leading manufacturer of home insulation products, CertainTeed Corporation, Tom also works with insulation trade associations, both manufacturer and contractor, and has received several awards for his contributions. He also sits on the Board of the Energy Conservation Agency of Philadelphia and Affordable Comfort, Inc, a national association of people interested in weatherization.

Maria Viteri, AIA, is the Director of Program Development for the International Masonry Institute Mid-Atlantic Region. She has over twenty years combined architectural and marketing experience at Pennsylvania and Louisiana architectural firms. Her architectural design experience is primarily focused within the health care industry and includes international research in South America on issues related to health and sustainable building. A former board member with AIA Pittsburgh, Maria maintains architectural registration in the state of Pennsylvania. She holds a BA in Architecture from Tulane University and a Master's degree in Business Administration and Public & International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh.
SBIC’s Board of Directors oversees the affairs of the Council, including all education, outreach, and advocacy programs. “Leading an organization as dynamic and diverse as SBIC is a challenge that Board members take seriously but enthusiastically,” noted Scott Sklar, Chair of the SBIC Nominations Committee.

For a complete list of the SBIC Board of Directors, visit www.SBICouncil.org/about_bod.htm.

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