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        Stronger, Safer, Longer Lasting, cost effective support framing for homes and buildings


                    About Us

"One of the more promising products, being developed by Composite Building Structures, Ltd., Fort Myers, is a high-tech fiberglass composite that can be used to make the frame and shell of a house."

Wall Street Journal - Marketplace Section - 11/23/05  (See Article)



Mission, Vision, Focus, and Target

Our vision is to make Advanced Construction Composites the exterior wall support framing "material of choice" improving safety, strength, longevity, energy savings, raw material minimization, speed of erection, and lower overall costs.

Our mission is to make that happen by extending our core competency and by setting-up and running composite panel plants across America and in foreign major market areas.


Our focus is to actively pursue disaster recovery and automate labor intensive construction by selling to all builders and delivering any size, and style house shell within 2 weeks of their order. 


Our Target Market is the termite-hurricane-earthquake-tornado belts currently using concrete block and concrete exterior support wall framing as well as the zones devastated by natural disasters around the world. 


Our Method is manufacture a building shell within 2 weeks of order and to deliver and erect that exterior structural shell in one day by automating the construction process using the panelization technique, already well established, but replacing wood with CBS Optimized Construction Pultrusions to create a higher standard of stronger, safer, and longer lasting exterior protective support walls and roof.


Our Credo


Our first responsibility is to our customers and, through them, to those who benefit from the use of our products.  We must always supply safer, stronger, longer lasting, energy efficient, sustainable, and more affordable products with superior cost performance and adequate profit margins.


Our second responsibility is to those Employee/Associates that work with us.  Their compensation must be fair and adequate, management must be just, even handed, and working conditions must be clean and safe.  We will provide for training and opportunities for self-improvement to all.  We will provide advancement without barriers for those that are qualified based on merit.  We will treat each person with respect and dignity.  We will provide internal advancement and compensation based on individual performance that is in keeping with our company values.


Our third responsibility is to our partners.  Our business must make a good profit, create reserves, carry on research, develop new products and services, pay for mistakes, provide for adverse times, pay taxes, purchase new machines, build plants, launch new products, and develop new marketing plans.  After all these things have been done, our partners must receive a fair return. 


Our fourth responsibility is to be good citizens in the communities where we live and work.  We must maintain clean and respectable properties, participate in the promotion of civic improvement, health, education, good government, and acquaint the community with our activities. 


Management Guidelines


1.  To eliminate any unfair profit-seeking, persistently emphasize substantial and essential work, and to not merely pursue growth for growth’s sake. 


2.  Welcome difficulties and focus on products that have great usefulness in society regardless of the quantity involved. 


3.  Emphasize and energize each Associate’s ability, performance, growth, and personal character so that each Associate will perform with their best abilities and skills every day.


4.  Welcome each Associate’s ideas and give them credit for their inspirations and suggestions.  Rely on each Associate’s intelligence, insight, and support their constructive dialogue.  Utilize both their physical and mental strengths that come to work every day.


Our Business


Composite Building Structures, Ltd. is a Delaware corporation that administers to a series of locally owned Limited Liability Companies.  These LLCs manufacture exterior structural support wall panels and roof panels.  Panels are made from fiber reinforced composite skeletons assembled in a factory, taken to the building site, and erected as a shell service to builders.  The Advanced Construction Pultrusions are fireproof, waterproof, termite proof, and withstand 350 mile per hour winds without failure.  Homes made of CBS’s exterior walls do not weaken with age, do not support mold growth, do not deteriorate in harsh conditions, but do increase the long-term value of the home while saving utility costs for the life of the building.


Our Product


Optimized Fiberglass Pultrusions have the lowest embodied energy of any building system. They improve the quality and speed of build providing a superior, affordable, and green-friendly building support shell.


Our Factory


CBS's Construction Technology Center (CTC) brings together at one location all the plants that produce parts for wall panels.  Glass, windows, doors, trusses, wall sheeting, insulation, electric boxes, and accessories will be produced by workers hired from the local area creating sustainability.  In addition to our factories, other manufacturing support companies will locate on the CTC to service the many needs of an industrial manufacturing center.


Our Work Atmosphere


CBS’s in plant work atmosphere amplifies the community.  Day care centers, medical clinics, exercise facilities, and dining facilities are the norm rather than the exception.  CBS’s vision for Human Resources is to become the “employer of choice” in each of our locations so that the Construction Technology Centers will become a model for the way industry and community should integrate and work together. 

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